When a domain name expires, there is a time period of a little over eight weeks when it is not active, but may still be renewed by the current owner. During this period, the domain cannot be taken by anybody else, but in case it isn't renewed, it gets into the so-called Pending Deletion period which lasts five days. This is when ICANN-accredited registrar firms take backorders for this kind of domain names. When a specific name is backordered, the registrar will attempt to register it for the customer right after it is deleted and offered to the public, which gives people the chance to acquire a short and easy to remember domain that may have been used by someone else up to now. In case the domain is very appealing, a couple of companies could try to register it in the same time and since this happens on a first-come, first-serve basis, there's no guarantee that a specific person will have that domain. Nevertheless, employing a backorder service will give you a lot better chance to obtain a particular domain than when you try to register it yourself.
Domain Backorder in Shared Hosting
We provide a domain backorder service with all our shared hosting solutions and you will be able to take advantage of it from your Hepsia Control Panel. For your convenience, you will be able to arrange the list of domains that you see by extension, exact deletion date and length, so you shall not need to go through thousands of domain names to find if a suitable one will be available soon enough. You will also be able to look for a given word or a phrase in the domain name list. If we're able to register the required domain for you, it will be listed along with all other domain names that you have here and you will be able to control it just as effortlessly. We offer the service at very affordable prices when compared with other registrars and if we are unable to get a domain name for you, the cash will still be available in your account, so you can use it for other domains or internet hosting services.